Client Stories


Eddie Lack, New Jersey Devils

"I have gotten to know Rick very well, and it just feels right that we are working together on my financial plans. I trust him 100% and I am very happy to be a client! He is both an advisor and a friend."  Eddie... Read More


Jason Garrison, Vegas Golden Knights

"Rick is continuously helping me manage the Financial Plan that he has designed for me. He focuses on my present finances, future finances and most importantly, my retirement savings...with minimum taxes. I am VERY... Read More

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Brian Jessel, Brian Jessel BMW

"When my company needed to back up our succession plan Rick helped us implement a program that protected the company during the transition and into the future. I have been friends with Rick for years and it was a... Read More

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Dan Dussault, Maxim MotorSports

"It is an absolute pleasure conducting business with Rick.  He is a highly talented and creative planner.  He is skilled at putting together a financial plan that is suited to your financial aspirations and needs... Read More

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Dr. Peter Stevenson-Moore

"I was fortunate to encounter Rick Jones at a time when I knew that something was missing in the organization of my financial affairs.  Rick provided the education and access to the instruments that now assure the... Read More

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Sian Spacey, MD Neurologist

"Rick is a skilled financial planner.  He assessed our needs quickly, and created a path that gives us great reassurance for our future." Sian Spacey, MD Neurologist Read More

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Neil McKinnon, GranFondo & The Intrepid

"Rick was referred to me by a friend.  He painted a picture on how to protect my finances now and my young son's future needs, with or without me.  His straightforward direction is easy to understand and is... Read More


Garry Valk, ex-NHLer, Realtor

“Rick has been my 'go to' insurance and financial advisor since early on in my playing days. He has put great tax-exempt plans in place that look after my retirement and my family’s financial security. He’s smart,... Read More

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John Gill, MD, Transplant Nephrologist

"I have had the pleasure of working with Rick for the last 15 years. Rick is highly professional, honest, practical and patient. I know his advice is  based on the best information, and that it is tailored to my... Read More

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Dean Hill, Rock 101

"For many years I have entrusted my finances to Rick Jones. He has always been forthright, honest and clear. I know he has my best interests in mind, always, and we have become close friends. To my colleagues…You... Read More